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Why Immigration is Important to Canada

Aug 25, 2022 | Uncategorized

Each year, Canada sets targets for the number of immigrants they allow into the country for each immigration category. In 2023, Canada plans to welcome 447,055 immigrants, and in 2024, 451,000.

Canada is a country that continues to need newcomers to grow and strengthen the Canadian economy. Immigration allows for skilled and qualified workers to enter into the labour force, and brings many innovative and talented individuals. It also reunites families and allows individuals the opportunity to establish a new life.

Immigration helps grow Canada’s future.

Reunites Families

The family class is the second largest category of newcomers welcomed by Canada under its Immigration Levels Plan. Overall, family immigration through all programs made up 59% of permanent residence submissions in 2020. The Family Reunification Program allows Canadians and permanent residents to sponsor certain categories of family members to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents. This program supports the reunification of separated, pre-existing families. Sometimes family members have been separated for years, or are only able to visit temporarily.

Reuniting families demonstrates Canada’s compassion for immigrants, enhancing Canada’s global standing. There are also great economic outcomes. Sponsored families contribute as economic enablers, for example, through the provision of child care, which allows sponsors to work or upgrade skills.

Helps Build a New Life

People immigrate to new countries for a variety of reasons, such as environmental factors, employment opportunities, to escape violent conflict, environmental factors, educational purposes, or to reunite with family. All in all, most immigrants leave their home country for a higher quality of life.

In Canada, they have many educational and employment opportunities, and can rest assured knowing that it is a safe and secure country. In fact, Canada is ranked as the 6th most safe country in the world. Canada has excellent scores for internal conflicts, levels of crime, and political stability. In addition to good job opportunities, great access to healthcare, and effective government, Canada has some of the most notoriously friendly people in the world.

Accepting immigrants shows Canada’s compassion and leadership as a country.

Strengthens the Canadian Economy

Immigrants strengthen the Canadian economy. They fill gaps in the workforce, pay taxes, and spend money on goods, housing, and transportation.

Due to Canada’s older population and low birth rate, there are low rates of economic and labour force growth. The baby boomer generation is aging. By 2020, 9.2 million baby boomers will be of retirement age. Canada could be headed for decades of slow economic growth, shrinking per capita incomes and eroding wealth. The low economic growth makes it challenging for Canada to increase the taxes the country needs to spend on social services such as education and healthcare. For this reason, Canada has been increasing its immigration levels to strengthen the country’s economy and financial situation.

Immigrants also make up 33% of all business owners with paid staff. They create important jobs in all factors of the Canadian economy, including construction, professional services, healthcare, and retail trade.