Our Story

What We Do

Affordable loans open the doors to education, starting a business, or building a family. High-interest debt and predatory lenders can crush these dreams.

In Canada, newcomers and young adults are often rejected by large banks and mainstream lenders, due to a lack of credit data. We created a new model to address this problem and make fair loans accessible to everyone!

QuadFi uses alternative data, from overseas credit data, to academic achievements and open banking, to provide our customers with access to affordable loans. Customers trust us with their data – we trust our customers because of their data.

Why We Do It

We’re a team of engineers, scientists, financiers, academics and, above all, proud Canadians. As first-generation immigrants, we understand financial exclusion and create solutions to end it.

As entrepreneurs, we believe technological change should solve real-world problems. This is why we focus on outdated and inaccurate underwriting, as the main barrier to financial inclusion.

We’re on a mission to remove these barriers and unlock prosperity by helping those who are ignored by traditional lenders. Every Canadian deserves access to fair and affordable loans!

How We Do It

We focus on our mission – and our stakeholders: customers, the communities we serve, our team members, the environment, and more.

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QuadFi joins 4000 companies across 70 countries and 150 industries as a Certified B Corporation®.

B stands for benefit for all.

Certification is backed by an independent, rigorous and ongoing assessment process. Signatories must demonstrate they are purpose-driven and create benefits for broader society.

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