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5 of the Best Side Hustle Ideas for Making Extra Money

Jun 9, 2021 | Finance, Saving Money

Side hustles have become increasingly common among the younger population, as more and more young people are taking on second jobs to increase their monthly income.

It’s no secret that young and educated individuals in 2021 are often plagued with low salaries and high living costs. Which is why starting a side hustle is one of the best ways to increase your income so you can pay off debt, grow your savings account and reduce financial stress. So, if you’re interested in making a little extra cash on the side, here are five side hustle ideas for 2021!


If you have a marketable skill, working as a freelancer is a great way to leverage that skill and earn an income from it. With more and more companies starting to outsource to freelancers, there’s almost always work out there, ever for new freelancers. The best part is a lot of freelance work can be done online, which makes this flexible work that will fit in with the rest of your life! Here are a few examples of freelancing jobs:

  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Sound design
  • Film editing
  • Photography

Make money as a transcriptionist

Working as a transcriptionist is a great side hustle if you’re looking for flexibility and a work-at-home opportunity. Transcriptionists take audio files and convert them into text documents. Some of your responsibilities will include listening very carefully to audio files and typing exactly what you hear (and of course, proofreading for accuracy).

Common transcription jobs include transcribing podcasts, lectures, interviews and instructional videos. What most people like about this job, is the remote aspect. It also has a relatively low start-up cost, and you can expect to earn anywhere between $15-$30 an hour!

Work as a personal shopper

A personal shopper is exactly what it sounds like – someone who gets paid to pick up groceries and other items for someone else. You can do so while working through a company like Instacart or you can venture out on your own and become self-employed.

The route you take is largely dependent on the amount of time you have. Being self-employed means having to build trust and market yourself to the community. But it also means you can set your own prices and build-relationships with your own clients. With this side hustle, you can expect to earn anywhere between $20-$25 per shopping trip.

Write an eBook

Amazon Direct Publishing has made it super easy for anyone, including new writers to start publishing eBooks without any prior experience. The platform removes all the barriers of traditional publishing to make the process as smooth as possible!

Most books may only sell for a couple of bucks, but successful writers can earn a decent income by selling their eBooks on Amazon.


With all the digital learning resources out there, this one may seem a bit outdated. But if there is a subject you know well and think you can teach to others, tutoring is a great side hustle idea.

Tutoring is one of the higher paying side hustles, as the hourly pay can be anywhere between $30-$60 an hour depending on where you live. Find tutoring jobs by connecting with local schools, advertising on social media, and online tutoring platforms.

There are tons of side hustle options out there to fit the skills of anyone looking to make a little extra income. To find out which one is right for you, do your research, read reviews and find out which side hustle will help you achieve your goals.