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5 Best Youtube Channels for Personal Finance

Apr 13, 2022 | Finance, Saving Money

Youtube is a great platform to find free information and advice on financial matters. From investments tips, getting out of debt, and how to budget your money properly, Youtube offers a plethora of financial advice. If you’re looking to watch high-quality financial content, we’ve come up with our top 5 personal finance Youtube channels that we think you can benefit from.

Graham Stephen

Graham Stephen is a 32 year old real estate agent who makes Youtube videos on financial independence, saving money, investing money, and real estate investing. Graham started his Youtube channel in 2016 and has amassed 3.75 million subscribers and 370 million views. 

At 18, Graham started working in real estate, and has made over $120 million in residential real estate sales since 2008. At the age of 26, Graham became a millionaire. 

Jordan Page, FunCheaporFree

After getting out of $15,000 credit card debt in 13 months on a 31k a year salary, Jordan began sharing money management tips on budgeting, frugality, and good money mindsets. She is a mother of eight children who has learned to make every penny count. 

With a positive and enthusiastic attitude, Jordan has over 900 thousand subscribers with a new video each week. She’s appeared on the Today Show, TLC, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and more. 

Debt Free Millennials

Justine Nelson paid off $35,000 in student loan debt in just two and a half years on a $37,000 salary. Her Youtube videos teach you how to pay off debt, control your spending, and set and meet your financial goals. Justine is on a mission to help Millennials achieve financial freedom. 

Her channel is up and coming with just under 50K subscribers – a hidden gem. Her conversational style videos offer a ton of helpful advice and are a pleasure to watch.

Investing With Rose

Rose has a degree in finance and extensive experience trading in financial markets and working in private equity. Her videos offer actionable investing advice and training, tips for financial freedom and budgeting, and inspiration for living your best life.

Rose became financially free at 33 after being $100,000 in debt. Rose has made it her life mission to provide world-class financial education that empowers people to create a life of their own design.

Mark Tilbury

Mark Tilbury is an American educational business youtuber, investor, and entrepreneur who discusses investing and helping others to become financially secure. He left school at 16 with no qualifications or money. 30 years later, Mark runs a multimillion dollar business grossing over 50 million dollars.

With over 1 million Youtube subscribers, Mark offers millionaire advice to help you grow your wealth.