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3 Ways You Can Improve Your Financial Literacy

May 4, 2021 | Finance

Being financially literate means having the knowledge and confidence to effectively manage, save and invest money for yourself. This can include everything from budgeting, retirement planning, getting out of debt, to even real estate.

Everyone has different levels of financial literacy. But if you’re not exactly confident in your ability to manage your finances – no need to worry, you’re not alone. Research shows that only 16% of young people qualify as “financially literate.” But the good news is, it’s never too late to start. So, here are three ways you can go about improving your financial literacy.

Start with the fundamentals

Let’s face it, a large reason why many of us continue to push back getting started on our finances is because the thought alone can be confusing and complicated.

But it doesn’t have to be. When you’re starting out on your financial journey, it’s important to not get caught up in the complexities and overlook the basics. Start off easy by tracking your expenses. You can even take advantage of social media by following financial experts on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Listen to financial podcasts

Podcasts can be a great way to learn new things and soak up some financial advice while partaking in your daily activities like running errands, exercising or even while doing chores. Check out podcasts like The Dave Ramsey show if you’re just starting out for some great tips on how to start saving money, and the easiest ways to start paying off debt.

Take a financial literacy class

The internet is loaded with different platforms that anyone can access to take classes on virtually anything – including finances. You can buy classes online for relatively cheap and they don’t necessarily require you to invest a large amount of time.

Udemy for example is a great online platform where you can take a class on any subject that will help you learn how to manage your finances. There are also various self-help books you can buy that teach finance and personal money management. – the options are endless!

Many people today struggle with knowing how to manage their personal finances, reduce their debts, invest and save for retirement. Luckily, there are several resources at your fingertips and the ones listed above are just the tip of the iceberg to help improve your financial literacy.