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3 Personal Finance Books You Need to Read Right Now

May 18, 2021 | Finance

Interested in improving your financial literacy? You’re not alone. According to a study by PWC, 24% of millennials report having only a basic level of financial literacy, while only 8% rate their financial literacy as high.

If you want to learn the basics of managing your finances, including how to manage and pay off debt, save more money and why paying yourself first is so important, keep reading – here are a few of the top-rated personal finance books for mastering your money!

Best for Beginners: The One-Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards

The One-Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards is great for anyone just starting out with anything finance-related. Maybe you’re interested in investing and don’t know where to start or unsure with how to deal with unexpected financial challenges. This book takes the confusion out of how you can start effectively managing your finances.

Not only does it help you get started on crafting an easy-to-follow budget and figuring out what your financial goals are. it also helps you get there with an easy-to-follow plan.

Best for Budgeting: Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robins

Let’s face it, most of us want to learn how to save money and build our wealth – but it’s really difficult to do just that when you don’t have the right resources. Luckily, Vicki Robins “Your Money or Your Life” is the perfect guide for anyone looking to change their relationship with money.

Her simple, nine-step guide gives you exclusive insight into how you can start paying-off debt, start investing your money, save money and even build wealth by practicing Robin’s effective mindfulness technique.

Best Overall: Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School? By Cary Siegel

A common issue young people face today is that they learn virtually nothing about how to manage their finances in school. Hence the title “Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School?”

The book is divided into 99 money principles and 8 lessons that you should have learned throughout school but likely didn’t. Fun fact: Siegel initially wrote this book for his five children who he felt hadn’t learned important personal finance principles before entering the real world – before turning into a well-reviewed book.

These personal finance books are easy to read and full of useful information that can be applied to your financial life – perfect for new grads and anyone interested in starting their personal finance journey out on the right foot.