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3 of The Best Apps to Help with Meditation

Jan 26, 2021 | Well-Being

When discussing the practice of meditation, many of us may have pre-conceived notions that often lead to misconceptions about the practice. Many believe that it requires specific religious beliefs, or perhaps that it takes up a lot of time (time that a lot of us don’t have) – or maybe it’s the idea that if you don’t instantly feel calm, you’re doing it wrong. Right? Wrong. Meditation is simple yet effective – it’s a great way to relax your mind and body. It can be difficult to know where to start and what to do. But good news, there’s an app for that! Below are three meditation apps to help you start learning deep breathing techniques, guided meditation and how you can start benefiting from mindfulness.

The Mindfulness App
This application is perfect for both beginner and experienced meditators. There are several options for the user to begin their meditation journey – including a guided meditation practice as well as an introduction to mindfulness. The app also has 3–30 minute silent meditations suitable for anyone who’s always on the go. You can also opt for personalized meditation options, mindfulness reminders throughout the day and statistics to track your meditational journey. Available on iPhone and Android. Price: Free with optional in-app purchases.

Headspace is a great app for both day and night-time meditation. For day-time use, the user can find calmness and balance in their life by using the guided meditation and mindfulness techniques provided by the app. Users can also try meditations before bed to help with sleep and relaxation – including music, nature soundscapes, or storytelling sleep casts. The app works to build a personalized plan tailored to your needs with little input from you, so you can learn the essentials and build from there. Available on iPhone and Android.

Free with optional in-app purchases

This application is essential for anyone who has trouble finding relaxation before bed. The app is an award-winner in its calming exercises and breathing techniques. The sleep section includes stories told from a wide-range of voices (male and female) – including Matthew McConaughey, to help soothe you to sleep. Available on iPhone, Android and Apple Watch. Price:
Free with optional in-app purchases The apps above are ones we chose because of their quality, reliability and great reviews. But there are tons of meditation apps out there suited to your individual needs! The best way to find one, is to do your research and start enjoying the many benefits of meditation.