What’s your New Year Resolution?

New Year is just around the corner and with it comes new resolutions and promises. This tradition can be personal or social; it can be about finding a better job, buying a new car or going to gym, or be about more environmentally conscious decisions or involvement in politics. We picked our top New Year resolutions for you in hope of helping you shape your own ideas.

Donate to charities more often: Donating to those in need is a great cause, but it doesn’t have to be only money. You can look around your house and see what equipment or clothes you can give away. Maybe you have too many books, or a table that you can live without. You can also volunteer at food banks or organizations like Habitat for Humanity. A few hours of work here and there can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. It will also make you very happy. John Bunyan has best said it, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

Learn Something New Each Day: Go on YouTube and watch a science video, something about astronomy, international politics or even car engines. See what your interests are and look for something interesting. Maybe a book will help you in your quest and if you do not have the time, perhaps you can listen to it via audiobooks. It is estimated that by 2023 more people will listen to audibooks than buying the actual hard copy books in North America.

Pick Up a Hobby: When was the last time you did something that truly made you happy? It could be playing a sport, or building a miniature ship or making a statue. You can pick that up again and it doesn’t have to be too many hours a day. Just 1 hour for yourself, every day, do something that lowers your stress and make you relax. In less than a few weeks you will see amazing results.

Move More: Get that membership and go to the gym. Don’t have time for that? That’s no problem, change into running shoes and clothes and run outside. If you still don’t have time for that, get off the subway station a few stops before work, park your car a few streets away from your work and walk. It will make you feel more energetic, you will lose weight and feel much better during the day.

Stop Procrastinating: All of those above are achievable if you are able to do this one point. You can have the greatest plans for this New Year but if you simply delay it to tomorrow, nothing will be done. Nothing will happen and you will be at the same place next year. Ask your significant other for help if you have to, there is no shame in it. Ask them to remind you to respect your promises.

Happy New Year to all our readers!

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