Moving to Canada can be a cultural shock to many who come here for the first time. From how people greet each other to the cars they drive and the food they eat, It is normal to be surprised by what you see. Here are our helpful hints to newcomers on what to expect in Canada.

We have four seasons

In Canada, we have long and cold winters and hot, and mostly humid, summers. We also have transitional seasons in the form of fall and spring. Each season requires its own clothes and fashion style and the difference in temperature can be very surprising at the beginning.

The temperature can fluctuate from as low as -30C in winter to +45C in summer. You might have heard about Canada being a cold country, but we assure you as Canadians we do experience a full set of seasonal changes during a year. 

Don’t forget to tip!

Eating anywhere in Canada is more than just ordering food and choosing the restaurant. We take care of our workers in the food and hospitality industry by giving them gratuity for the work they do to serve us. This is on top of the price we pay for the food. 

Many provinces have set the hourly salary of the workers in this industry to below the minimum wage so the servers are counting on every penny they get from the guests. If you are able to afford it, please keep them in mind and give them a good tip at the end of your meal!


Be mindful of the sticker prices

The prices you see on the items at the stores are just the starting point! Depending on the province you live in, you have to factor in the taxes in your final price. Canadians are very adept at mental calculation of the sale taxes but as a newcomer, you may have the calculator on your phone handy when you’re shopping. 

Negotiating over the item prices do happen but to a much lower extent. If you come from a country where a sizable part of the shopping is spent on price negotiation, you are going to be very surprised by what you see in Canada.

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