Top 5 things to do this September in the City

The weekend is nearly upon us and if the weather is any indication, this may be one of the last few weekends where you can go out with a T-shirt, swim, BBQ and have fun with your friends without having to wear 4 layers of clothes!

There are hundreds of events currently planned for this weekend and beyond. We looked into some of our favorites and picked the top 5 for you. Take your significant other, children and friends and enjoy the weekend.

Go to the beaches: What better thing to do than taking a nice dive into the water when it is sunny and 24-25 degrees this weekend? Perfect weather for a little R&R, a small (or large) friends gathering and BBQ to top it off. One of our favorite locations this weekend is Toronto Island. The ferries can take you do for as little as $8 and you can enjoy everything this small but pretty island has to offer.

Just for Laugh Festival: Carol Burnett, John Mulaney, Jonathan Van Ness and Eric Andre are all going to be in town this weekend. This 10 days event is for anybody who values a good laugh. Located mostly at Sony Center (Soon to be Meridian Hall), it is at a very convenient place with tons of bars around it to keep you entertained hours after the event. 

Toronto Biennial festival: This is a once every two years event that not many in our office knew about. It has exhibitions, talk shows and performances all over the city for about 10 weeks. It is an international visual art that has every kind of art you can think off. Best part? Totally free!

Sterling Party: Ready to drink, dance and have fun on Sunday? Then you do not want to miss this event. The 4th Annual Drake x Henderson Brewing welcomes everybody so you can take your family and friends with you and expect to have a relaxing evening there. 

St. Lawrence market harvest festival: No list would be complete without St. Lawrence market on it. Free admission, live music, face painting, and lots and lots of food. Sounds like the perfect fit for any families who want to take their children to a friendly event. 


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