Tips for negotiating your salary

Starting a new job or a new career is very exciting. It’s opening the door to new possibilities, meeting new people, perhaps traveling to a new city, having a less stressful and more prestigious job, and above all, having a well paying job. Salary negotiations are not easy but they are the most crucial part of starting a new career. Many people are too excited for the job and don’t do it right and end up regretting it later. Chances are salary is the main you are changing your job in the first place.

Depending on your personal characteristics, people have different ways of approaching this subject. Bellow we are some tips we have for you to help in your negotiation tactics!

Before starting to negotiate, know your value. Do research on what the average salary for the job you are applying for is and above all, know your employer. If you simply walk into the interview without knowing how much the job you are having the interview for is worth, you will likely not get anywhere near what you deserve. Be prepared to showcase you strengths and achievements.

Take a piece of paper and organize your thoughts. Write down what’s most important factor to you in the interview. Write down your questions and possible questions the interviewer would ask you. Go through the list and add notes where you need to. This is your cheat sheet. The next step is to practice. Practice indeed makes it perfect. Imagine you are an individual who doesn’t know you. How can you convince him of your worth, of your demand for the salary? Do you show him your previous work? Do you take out your resume and show your past accomplishments? It’s up to you!

Lastly, be willing to walk away. If the offer is too low and is not between the high and mid range, simply thank them for their time and walk away. If they truly believe they have the right guy, they will counter offer you. In this case, you have nothing to lose. If you accept just about any offer, they will think you are desperate. You will be offered a low, below the market salary and your next negotiation for the raise will be incredibly difficult.

Practice, be strategic, be patient and be ready to say no. Remember this 11 words sentence and you will do just fine getting what you deserve!

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