Millennials are no strangers to the burden of debt. And many of us experience anxiety when thinking about their future financial health. Which is why things like money management and personal finance can be sensitive topics, worries we hide from each other and, often, ourselves. 

Like all of life’s challenges, it’s always the best approach to face them head on. Take the first step to take control of your financial situation now. 

Here are three ways to start on the path to financial security: making, saving and investing your money. 

  • Make money: build a passive-income 

Passive income is money that can be earned in a way that requires a small portion of your time and energy to receive, like renting out a room or second property. Another approach that seems to be popular is building a social media presence through a blog. While these are things that may take some time to get up and running, they have the potential to pay over the longer-term.

  • Save money: plan for emergencies 

Creating a designated emergency fund is crucial to financial planning. So, if you are buying something essential and expensive (like a car for example), make sure you plan for the regular maintenance costs and other expenses that come along with ownership. Take the same approach to your overall budget – set aside money for a rainy day, and make sure it’s there when you need it!

  • Invest your money: invest early and often

Invest your money in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds and pay attention to the fees that can eat away at your long-term performance. 

When you’re able to more efficiently manage your financials, earning money becomes simpler. As you can see, the sum is much greater than the intricacies that go into money management. Which is why the more things that you do right with your money, the faster you’ll be able to reach financial freedom. 

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