How to protect your online privacy?

When you visit a website, a large number of your activities are recorded and stored online. When you click on a link, an image, or read an article, when you enter data or when you upload documents, many companies and organizations, in addition to individuals, make a profile off of you based on your habits and data they recorded from you. 

They are then free to use the collected data to target you for ads or, in worst cases, for ransom. You may not want it, or even know it, but your online privacy is always at risk. It sounds scary but there are steps you can take to minimize the risk. No certain method can guarantee 100% privacy but to a great extent you can mitigate the risk and have a degree of control over who can see your activities and what they can collect from you. Below we have some tips for you that will help with your online habit and web surfing. 

Always use an Antivirus and VPN if available

Antivirus acts as your first line of defence; both a protector and a medicine for your device. It prevents attacks from unwanted parties and in case your computer is infected, it can help bring it back. In our opinion, this software is essential, not optional. VPN in short, is a virtual private network that gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection. VPN makes your internet surfing anonymous. It can also prevent other parties from accessing information that is important for your privacy, for example your location. 

Optimize your password and block cookies

123456 is not a password, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Many hackers online only guess what your password is and get access to your account. Make your password unique, a combination of any keys you see on your keyboard and make it so that only you can figure it. Above all, don’t share it with anyone! Be also mindful of spying cookies. They can record every single activity you do online, including the speed with which you move your cursor around! So go to your browser and block them.

Remember to log out!

This can be a no-brainer but one of the biggest daily security breaches in companies around the world is the failure of the employees to log out of their accounts/devices when they leave them unattended. This situation is hackers’ biggest dream. Not only are you in danger online, but also physically people can sit behind your device and access your information. Make sure you have a logout timer that can prevent this from happening.  

Happy safe-surfing!


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