Is it possible to have zero student debt after graduation?

You may have seen it in the ads, in the news on TV and Radio, even subway billboards and magazines. Student Debt is a big issue right now in North America. Democratic Candidates for the US presidency, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have plans to completely eradicate it. Economists have raised alarm about it and families have long complained about the negative consequences of it.

The question now is, would zero student debt even be possible? In a series of blog posts, we will look into different ways you can graduate with zero student debts and some of the plans politicians and governments have for you to take care of this debt. 

In this blog post, we look at several ways to make your university more affordable. 

Look for money

The easiest way to find money is to look for it in between loans and grants offered by companies and individuals. The prerequisite for that is a high GPA. Our recommendation for you is to study hard in your last two years of High School or try to keep your GPA above 3.6 at university. Next, you should look into grants and funding that are available via big companies, government agencies, NGOs, banks and companies that act as a hub. Scholartree is one such company. Big banks like RBC and TD have very large funding and grants available to students in all areas and disciplines.  

Make money on your own terms

If you are good at something, don’t do it for free. If you know how to make good videos online, if you have talent in making sound editing, then why not put it into use? Even seemingly innocent habits such as gaming can make you money. Platforms such as patron, YouTube and twitch are excellent sources for you to make money.

Watch your expenses, watch your degree

Saving for school goes a long way, but you must start that way before your school starts. Every small step counts. Prioritize your necessary and daily expenses over the rest. To track your savings, you can open a savings account solely for the purpose of paying your future tuition or living expenses when you’re at school. Remember, #zerostudentdebt is possible if you plan carefully and advance. Best of luck in your future education!

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