Is Higher Education worth it?

Higher education has always been the subject of intense debate between those who advocate for it and those who question its benefits. Although in recent decades and with rapid advances in technology, the debate has largely been in favor of the former group, we want to examine the argument that education is worth the time and money. Afterall, the price of post-secondary education is going up each year by about 3.5% and paying for it has become a national issue in North America. 

In this entry, we will look into the personal side of the argument and will examine the benefits of having a university education in life and job market.

Going to university is an investment in one’s self. Aside from completing and obtaining a degree, it teaches students effective communication, decision making, management, analysis and organizational skills. Higher education teaches you how to look at a problem and how to find solutions for it. On a personal level, universities are a perfect place to learn those skills. 

One other strong argument in favor of education is that with all the advances in technology, you cannot be the master of all. You need to focus on one aspect of science or technology and improve it and for that Universities have specialized degrees that can help you.

Higher education also opens the door for you to many other opportunities, be it in the education sector or business world. Statistics shows that:

77% of the current jobs in the market require post-secondary education.

9/10 jobs that are filled in the job market go to university/college graduates

It is extremely difficult to only explore 23% of the job market because you do not have the prerequisites of the job you want to apply for. Some job requirements go even beyond this point and require post graduate education for which a significantly smaller portion of the population is qualified for.

We have established how the job market views candidates with or without higher education, However, the next question we need to answer is the Return on Investment on the education obtained in university. This topic we will thoroughly examine in our next blog entry. 

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