How to choose the right course at University

Congratulations for starting your school year. Everything looks amazing except for the course selection, isn’t that right? This is a hassle and an issue that almost all students wrestle with when they start a new year. At QuadFi we gathered 4 of the best recommendations we received when we were at school and want to share them with you and hope that they can be as much of a help to you as they were to us.

Know the Major and the requirements

The first step is to know what courses are available in your major. Try to get the required courses out of the way first. You don’t want to be in a situation where you discover that 4 years of undergraduate degree is done and you cannot graduate because you haven’t taken all the required classes. 

Check the difficulty, check the schedule

Most colleges and universities have a database that gives you a lot of information on the courses, such as the difficulty of the material, the overall difficulty of the course and the expected grade by the end of the class. Read them very carefully! If you have to work during the school year, check your course schedule and compare it with your work schedule. It is Not ok to miss a few classes to be able to work. If you see conflict, either change your job or get into a different class and save this for later.

Plan Ahead

Figure out what your end goal is. If you want to go to law school, take courses that are not very difficult so that you can boost your GPA. If are planning to go to medical school, get science courses that would help you with your future studies. Never just take a course because it sounds interesting. Read the syllabus, talk to your peers and if you are still not 100% sure, go to one of the classes and see if you enjoy sitting in and listening to the professor. If you don’t like the class, you can always drop it. 

Talk to your Advisor

They are in your college for a reason and the reason is to help you. So use them! Sit with them and tell them where you plan to go with your career and ask them what courses they recommend. Write down their advice and then find the course. Check the instructors to see who they are. There are many websites that give honest ratings to professors and it is all done by their former students. Check them before making your final decision and good luck!

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