COVID-19 has had a profound impact on our lives – in ways that could take years to fully understand. What people do understand is the economic turmoil the pandemic has caused: mass layoffs, plunging sales, and devastated industries. 

We don’t know what the future will bring but this crisis has certainly revealed the importance of key jobs. Here we look at four professions that are in high demand. 


Nurses are essential to the fight against COVID-19 of the workers and Canada’s aging population will likely support demand for new nurses for decades to come.

Nursing is considered a very important job and regulatory reforms have empowered nurses to make more medical decisions by themselves. Nurses have a median income of $80,000 across Canada and the 


These health professionals have had one of the greatest impacts on the lives of many patients during the quarantine. They have diverse career options and are able to work in clinical, research, or retail fields, making this a very attractive career choice. 

With job growth predicted to be over 15% by 2022 and a median salary of $114,000, pharmacists have  very bright workforce prospects.  


Along with construction workers, architects have been kept busy during the quarantine. The pandemic, and the impact on public spaces and traffic flows, has driven innovation and excitement across the profession.

With the median salary of $74,000 and enormous potential for growth, considering the ever increasing need for constructing new homes and buildings, this is a very attractive option for people who love design, art, and the built form. 

IT Technicians

The quarantine that followed COVID-19 illustrated the importance of integrated technology in our lives. As many jobs were switched from workplace to home offices, employers are looking for ways to make accessing data and technology easy at home.

This presented a huge opportunity for growth for these jobs, that have a median salary of $58,000 across Canada.


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