5th Annual Canadian FinTech & AI Awards 2019

We are very excited to announce that QuadFi was nominated for the Fifth Annual Canadian Fintech and AI award in 2019. This event is the biggest award show of its kind in Canada and we were the only company to be shortlisted in three separate categories: “Best Fintech startup of the year”, “Best AI startup…

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Alberta cuts Student funding

Inline with what happened in Ontario with OSAP last summer, Alberta post-secondary institutions learned provincial grants will be slashed by up to 7.9 per cent this year alone with further cuts planned for next year. In addition, the 5 years freeze on tuition fees will also be lifted, making it a lot harder for students…

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School Housing dilema

School tuition is high and is climbing ever higher, but what is more disturbing is the new trend by many companies and individuals that are taking advantage of university housing around the campuses. Housing is a necessity for college goers but it is providing an additional challenge as the outrageous prices are doubling the pressure…

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Thank you IRAP!

QuadFi has been awarded the prestigious IRAP funding by the Government of Canada. This funding is a testament to the importance of the mission QuadFi is spearheading which aims to provide affordable education to Canadian students and help the newly graduates find a lasting solution to their student debt problems. Read More

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Universities and students angry as OSAP cuts are rolled out

As Ontario government‘s cuts to the SOAP was finally introduced to stunned students across Ontario last week, many are wondering if enrollment at school for the fall semester is even possible. Political parties and universities are raising alarm as this move will have huge implications for future job market, post secondary literacy rate, and university…

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Field of study and future employment

Universities always claim that a high percentage of their graduates easily and quickly find jobs when they get their degrees. But are they telling the truth? What if we were able to find exactly how much each graduate, each field of study and each major makes and decide if getting that degree will be worth…

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Debt Forgiveness

Student debt hurts the economy and the families who have to deal with it. There has been various initiatives to tackle this dilemma, one of which is forgiving the loan. The effects of it, if we do decide to go ahead with it, will be huge, both for universities and the students who study there.…

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Focus on Education

This sad news is a clear indication of the depth of this crisis in Canada. Students need to focus only on their education; we strongly believe in that notion. It is for this very reason we created our student loan product. This loan is a helping hand to current university students who are struggling with…

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Student Debt

Student Debt is changing families and societies in Canada and is turning to a national security issue. Hundreds of thousands of people have to pay their loans plus interest years after graduating from university. We at QuadFi fully understand this crisis and offer solutions to those who seek it. Visit our Refinancing page to learn…

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