A New Way to Get Rid of Credit Card Debts

By QuadFi | May 8, 2019

Canadians carry approximately $80,000,000,000 of credit card debt every year. That is more than the GDP of Cuba alone. Chances are you are also of the millions of Canadians who owe money to their credit card companies. But is that a bad thing? Owing money on credit cards is not good for several reasons: First,…

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I am a student, what does your company offer to people like me?

By QuadFi | May 3, 2019

This is a question we hear almost daily when we go to universities and the answer is simple: Student Loan. QuadFi Student Loan is designed for people who are studying at any level and any major in universities in Canada. Think of this loan as a complimentary loan, as something to help you with your…

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Why should you apply for refinancing?

By QuadFi | April 24, 2019

Student debt is an issue for many people across Canada. There is no denying that fact. If you are carrying your debt from school years, you know that it impacts you financially and emotionally. It is not an easy issue to tackle and unfortunately, it impacts the people around you as well. How often have…

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