Tips for negotiating your salary

By QuadFi | December 11, 2019

Starting a new job or a new career is very exciting. It’s opening the door to new possibilities, meeting new people, perhaps traveling to a new city, having a less stressful and more prestigious job, and above all, having a well paying job. Salary negotiations are not easy but they are the most crucial part…

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Highest-earning regions in Canada

By QuadFi | December 3, 2019

Living in an area that has well paying jobs can be a dream of many people. You can save, buy a house, do your 401 case, help your children with school and plan for your retirement. Many spend years trying to figure that out and find the best place to live with their families.  With…

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5 things to consider before you fly to another country

By QuadFi | November 14, 2019

You have finally bought the tickets and are ready to go for your tip. Kids are happily waiting and your significant other is very excited. But wait! Have you done your checklist to see if your trip is a good idea in the first place? There are many things you should do before boarding the…

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4 things to consider before booking a holiday flight

By QuadFi | November 8, 2019

With holidays approaching and temperatures dropping below zero degree, it is time to think about that relaxing vocation you always wanted to take. Where do you want to go? Ibiza for a party? Peru for site seeing or perhaps North Africa to escape the cold? Wherever you decide to go, you will need to book…

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Is it always smart to upgrade to a new phone?

By QuadFi | November 6, 2019

There are so many new smartphones in the market that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all of them. Some offer much faster operating systems, some better cameras and some better screen. Your old phone is also very slow and needs a few time charging a day in order to function, so isn’t this the…

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Top 5 things to do this September in the City

By QuadFi | September 20, 2019

The weekend is nearly upon us and if the weather is any indication, this may be one of the last few weekends where you can go out with a T-shirt, swim, BBQ and have fun with your friends without having to wear 4 layers of clothes! There are hundreds of events currently planned for this…

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Why are colleges so expensive?

By QuadFi | September 19, 2019

Have you ever wondered why universities in Canada are so expensive? Many Canadian families start saving for their children’s higher education from the moment they are born until they are 18 years old. This unprecedented difficulty in financing one’s education at the university raises an important question: why are colleges so expensive and where does…

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The Return on Investment in Higher Education

By QuadFi | September 17, 2019

In yesterday’s article we evaluated the benefits of higher education in an individual’s life. Today we will look into the ROI (Return on Investment) from the post-secondary education. Are university really giving back what they take from students when they are at school? Investing in Higher education pays off over time. There have been numerous…

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Is Higher Education worth it?

By QuadFi | September 16, 2019

Higher education has always been the subject of intense debate between those who advocate for it and those who question its benefits. Although in recent decades and with rapid advances in technology, the debate has largely been in favor of the former group, we want to examine the argument that education is worth the time…

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How to choose the right course at University

By QuadFi | September 11, 2019

Congratulations for starting your school year. Everything looks amazing except for the course selection, isn’t that right? This is a hassle and an issue that almost all students wrestle with when they start a new year. At QuadFi we gathered 4 of the best recommendations we received when we were at school and want to…

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