How to recover from bad credit?

By QuadFi | September 10, 2019

Maintaining a good credit score is not easy. We all have faced situations in our lifetime when our spending and earnings didn’t meet in the middle and which, in many cases, led to us spending more than we could afford. The consequences of such unfortunate events can be very far reaching and damaging to us…

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Tips on choosing your dorm

By QuadFi | August 29, 2019

Summer is ending, school is starting and you are going to live in a dorm! Hopefully your dorm is close to your school so you can save time and money on commuting. Dorm is a place where you will spend most of your time in; be it to study everyday or occasional parties, you need…

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The most affordable cities in Canada

By QuadFi | August 29, 2019

Hometown is where you feel comfortable at. Where you probably have a lot of friends in and where you come back to after the end of each trip. Living in such cities gives you a sense of belonging. However, other than being comfortable in it, the city has to have a few other specifications, namely…

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How to buy a new computer

By QuadFi | August 28, 2019

School is just around the corner and you need a new laptop. Shopping for one can be a fun experience if you know exactly what you need to get, or incredibly frustrating if you go through displayed models one after another without knowing what to look for. Desktop and laptop computers have critical parts that…

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Most respected jobs in Canada

By QuadFi | August 26, 2019

In our previous blog, we looked into some of the highest paying jobs in Canada in 2019. But money is not always front and center when an individual chooses his or her career. We searched both Canada and the United states and choose the top 5 most prestigious jobs in North America. Prestigious in this…

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What every newcomer to Canada should know

By QuadFi | August 22, 2019

Welcome to Canada! You have made the big decision in your life and moved to a new county. This means excitement, new opportunities, a brighter future but at the same time, confusion. This confusion mostly comes from not knowing much about the place, the culture and the way things work in the new environment. Before…

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Eating options for people in a hurry

By QuadFi | August 20, 2019

Are you hungry? Too tired of cooking every day? Welcome to the world of catering and delivery. If you are one of those people who likes to have their food ready as soon as they get home from work or school, you are in luck. Over the past 5 years the number of food catering…

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2019 High paying jobs

By QuadFi | August 15, 2019

Stereotypes prevail in today’s society where people tend to associate each field with a certain status.  Of course, these are by no means always accurate. We came across a few jobs that have surprisingly high salaries. Here are a few that caught our eye (in no specific order): Registered nurse. Nurses are under appreciated in…

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Making the most out of your remaining summer break

By QuadFi | August 14, 2019

Where did summer go! It feels like just yesterday when summer started. For many of us, the month of August signals back to school and recruitment time. Before that stressful period begins, why not take advantage of the rest of your summer and make it as memorable as possible.   Go on a weekend getaway.…

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Your living space can affect your happiness

By QuadFi | August 13, 2019

With such busy schedules these days, you probably don’t spend that much time thinking of how to refresh your living space. It might even be the least of your worries. As long as I have a roof over my head, it doesn’t matter, right? However, did you know that the way your living space is…

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