5 Virtual Interview Tips for the Millennial Job-Seeker

By QuadFi | November 17, 2020

As the threat of Covid-19 continues to make headlines across the globe, the vast majority of companies have decided to err on the side of caution and continue with the virtual interview process.  For many of us, the virtual interview process is fairly new – and despite being held online, should be treated like an…

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Tips for Millennials: Managing Your Finances

By QuadFi | November 11, 2020

Millennials are no strangers to the burden of debt. And many of us experience anxiety when thinking about their future financial health. Which is why things like money management and personal finance can be sensitive topics, worries we hide from each other and, often, ourselves.  Like all of life’s challenges, it’s always the best approach…

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4 Effective Ways You Can Relieve Stress

By QuadFi | November 3, 2020

The US presidential election takes place today, during International Stress Awareness Week. While this event will have a big impact on global stress levels, we hope it doesn’t distract from the important message of this week. Stress matters – and we all need to address it.     A survey of more than 5,400 North American adults…

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4 Ways Studying Abroad Can Help You Develop a Renewed Sense of Self

By QuadFi | October 28, 2020

Mass globalization and growing wealth in emerging markets has led to people choosing to take their studies and careers abroad – and this trend has proven to be beneficial to social, cultural and economic achievement in individuals. Social psychology studies have reported that international exposure can enhance creativity, reduce ingroup biases, and ultimately promote career…

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Three Ways My Parents Taught Me Financial Independence

By QuadFi | October 20, 2020

Growing up, we don’t often realize the benefits that certain lessons taught by our parents have on us. I for one can clearly recall believing that doing the dishes after Sunday dinner was the epitome of torment. What I didn’t realize, was that the lessons that were instilled in me early on by my parents…

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4 Tips to Save Money on Groceries

By QuadFi | October 13, 2020

Since the onset of the current global health crisis, thousands of restaurants have been forced to close. A direct result of this has been North Americans stockpiling at extraordinary levels. Increased demands, alongside several other Covid-19 related factors, have created mass disruptions in the food supply chain, resulting in soaring food prices.  According to the…

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3 Tips for Investing on a Budget

By QuadFi | October 6, 2020

For many young people, the thought of investing can be intimidating. Mainly because historically, investing has always been left up to the big guys on Wall Street. But this isn’t necessarily the case today. Investing is available to everyone with any size bank account. Whether you’re a suit in the financial district or a millennial…

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4 Personal Finance Podcasts

By QuadFi | September 29, 2020

Students and new grads everywhere are enduring an extremely vulnerable time when it comes to their financial security. And yet, they are somehow expected to be responsible for paying back large sums of money (hello student loans). So, it begs the question, how are students and new grads supposed to focus on money management while…

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4 Fall Activities for When You’re on a Budget

By QuadFi | September 22, 2020

The first day of fall can be a wonderful (and slightly stressful) thing. For students, the commencement of fall means midterms and tuition deadlines. But a new season also means new and exciting activities and organized events catered to the community.  While you may be dreading having to put away your summer attire for the…

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5 Tips to Stay Focused While Remote Learning in The Wake of Covid-19

By QuadFi | September 15, 2020

With university and college courses resuming last week, we’ve seen a large majority of students turn to online classes for their fall semester. For the undergraduate population, most post-secondary institutions in Canada have designated about 90 percent of their courses to online-learning. For some, this online option relieves the pressures associated with having to physically…

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