QUAD-FI is based in Toronto, Ontario.

We’re engineers, financers, bankers, academics, thinkers, makers and former students who understand the challenges of borrowing and paying for school in Canada. Most of our team are former graduates from Canadian universities who are committed to solving the student debt dilemma.

The QUAD-FI team was formed to help current and former students who are struggling with financial obligations and burdens. We understand how important it is to realize your dreams. We are here to help you navigate your journey to financial freedom and living your dreams. We love what we do and we are devoted to delivering amazing results that improve education, work and play.


Our goal is to empower people to be debt free. We believe in transparency and educational excellence. We are an innovative online lending platform that offers affordable and tailored products designed for each applicant. We want students and graduates to focus on their education and careers and not worry about their finances.

The current risk rating system is confusing and difficult to understand. Our goal is to change this by focusing on being transparent in all that we do and rewarding individuals who are excelling at school and in their careers.

Our approach is simple – we offer lower rates and more flexible options so you can invest in your future.


Today’s workforce is increasingly diverse and we celebrate personal characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, religion, national origin, gender identity, and sexual orientation. The inclusion of LGBTQ-supportive policies, perspectives and experiences are important to us.

We are passionate about being part of the education ecosystem and making it better. That’s why it’s not just business for us. We believe in putting you and your backgrounds first. We celebrate your good grades with tailored rates. We know that improving student loans and refinancing will help you fulfill your goals.  

We are also committed to helping the communities we serve and the Canadian public as a whole. We work closely with students to help them pay for their education, allowing the leaders of tomorrow to get their careers started on the right foot.

Additionally, we can achieve sustainable development goals when the country has an educated and strong professional workforce that strives for a better life and community.  


At QUAD-FI, we don’t just want to provide our customers with loans, we want to help you start your career on the right foot. This is why we are focused on building a community of QUAD-FI customers and alumni that can share experiences and advice and make connections that will help you succeed after graduation and achieve your dreams.

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