With university and college courses resuming last week, we’ve seen a large majority of students turn to online classes for their fall semester. For the undergraduate population, most post-secondary institutions in Canada have designated about 90 percent of their courses to online-learning. For some, this online option relieves the pressures associated with having to physically attend classes during a global pandemic. For others who require special resources and for those who generally prefer in-person classes, remote-learning has been deemed unappealing. 

While this transfer to remote learning is enormously beneficial in continuing to control the spread of Covid-19, we’re still observing some underlying concerns among student populations. Including whether or not they will be receiving the same quality of learning online that they would if they were attending classes in-person. Yet still, students have had to make remote-learning work with the limited resources they have. So, if you’re struggling to focus at home, and find that you would benefit from some remote-learning advice, here are 5 tips to help you stay focused while remote learning. 


Create a study space


Designate a quiet area in your home away from family members and other housemates. This space should be somewhere you can attend your online classes and complete readings and assignments without too much noise and other outside distractions. For easy access, keep your laptop, books and other learning materials in this space. Try to make sure this space is away from your bedroom so you don’t feel tempted to lay down on your bed. 


Create a routine – then stick to it!


Create a daily routine that mimics one you would usually complete if you were attending classes in-person. Include regular tasks that make your day feel as though you’re not actually sitting at home for hours on end. Set your alarm for a decent hour in the AM, have a nutritious breakfast and get dressed for the day. 

You’d be surprised to find that when you play the part, it’s a lot easier to focus on completing your tasks for the day. 


Eliminate distractions (or try your best to)


Before you begin your lecture, reading or assignment, make sure to remove any distractions that aren’t conducive to the task at hand (and yes, I’m talking about your phone). Turn off cellular notifications and put your phone on do not disturb mode. Be mindful of any other devices that will be distracting, visually or otherwise. 

Since we’re not physically in-class and there’s no one around to keep us in check, it’s a lot easier to become distracted. Therefore, the responsibility is left up to you to stay on track.


Write a “to-do” list

Stay on top of your classes and assignments by writing down a daily “to-do” list of tasks you want to complete that day. Write them down in order of how much time should be designated to each task and the resources needed to complete them. You’ll find that writing down your tasks makes you feel organized and less overwhelmed, even when you have lots to do. Check each item off as you go to make you feel a little extra accomplished!


Get enough sleep


This one is imperative to staying focused while learning remotely. You should aim to get between 7-9 hours of sleep every night. So, if you have an early morning, plan to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Sleeping for at least 7 hours a night will help fight against feelings of sluggishness and improve concentration. 

While many may feel as though getting to stay home every day is a get out of jail free card, learning remotely is not exactly an easy task. It requires a lot of discipline and resources that not everyone has the privilege to have access to. 

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