5 things to consider before you fly to another country

You have finally bought the tickets and are ready to go for your tip. Kids are happily waiting and your significant other is very excited. But wait! Have you done your checklist to see if your trip is a good idea in the first place?

There are many things you should do before boarding the flight and hoping for the best. The list bellow are some of the more fundamental steps you can take before that long journey. 

Read reviews about the hotels/resort/city/agency

Some people will only read the reviews for a hotel or a resort they are about to visit. That’s a very dangerous thing to do as often times they do not show the big picture. More importantly, reviews tend not to be up-to-date with the current news and events in the city/country so it is on you to check all the angels.   

See the travel warnings and research news

Government of Canada has a website that is dedicated to tracking all the warning signs, including political and health crisis, in any given country. You can see how safe the country/city you are going to is and if you need to be aware of any potential risk to yourself and your family. This site is a must visit before any trip abroad.

Make sure the country accepts credit cards

This may sound strange to many of you but there are many countries who do not accept credit cards or have very limited places you can use them in. This creates a situation in which tourists have to pay for services but are unable to do so. To mitigate this frustrating problem, always have some cash on you and keep them next to your important travel documents. 

Make sure you have an updated passport

When was the last time you checked that passport to see if it is still valid? Never allow your passport to go into its last 6 months of validity as it may expire while you travel. Many passports have 10 years validity on them (Canada being also a case) so this is not something you should check every year but not having a valid passport will deny you entry to a country.

See your doctor for vaccination

Even if you are certain you are up to date with your vaccinations, see your doctor before hand. If you take pills, fill your prescription and take it with you. Make sure your host country is OK with you having those pills otherwise they will be confiscated at the border. Our suggestion is to take a picture of the prescription via your phone so that you can access it if needs be in your trip.

Have a safe and happy trip!


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