Mass globalization and growing wealth in emerging markets has led to people choosing to take their studies and careers abroad – and this trend has proven to be beneficial to social, cultural and economic achievement in individuals. Social psychology studies have reported that international exposure can enhance creativity, reduce ingroup biases, and ultimately promote career success

Being able to study abroad is an opportunity not everyone gets to experience. Those that do however, understand just how valuable it is for both their professional and personal development. We’ve all heard of the term “reverse culture shock,” that often occurs after returning home from being abroad for an extended period of time. But, more often than not, we forget to discuss why and how that happens. With that, here are four ways studying abroad can help you develop a renewed sense of self.  

It challenges your independence

Studying abroad challenges you to break out of your comfort zone. In other words, if you’re not already an independent person, it forces you to become one. You no longer have help readily available from friends and loved ones, so you learn how to deal with things on your own. Not all experiences are positive ones, but that’s ok – it’s part of the character-building process and you’ll be happy for all of them; good and bad. 

It allows for a shift in perspective

You’re putting yourself in a brand-new world – one that you’re not used to. With that, comes a change of pace and ultimately a shift in perspective. You realize that some of the things you used to worry about at home are now mundane in comparison to things you may be experiencing now. Or you may see how other countries address problems in different ways. But no matter what beliefs you may have held prior to moving abroad, your new home forces you to re-evaluate your current viewpoints. 

You meet new people from all over the world

Enrolling in an international program means exposing yourself to new people from entirely different cultures than your own. What’s so interesting is learning about how everyone you meet has a story and different life experiences to share. This opens the door to learning how to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds. Studying overseas can really transform your ability to appreciate diversity.

You learn new skills you may have otherwise missed out on at home

Living abroad in a country where you don’t speak the language empowers you to immerse yourself within the community, meet locals and possibly take a language class to further strengthen your skills in the spoken language. Learning a new language expands your horizons and gives you the opportunity to expose yourself further to a different culture. It also opens the door to international career opportunities. 

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