Students and new grads everywhere are enduring an extremely vulnerable time when it comes to their financial security. And yet, they are somehow expected to be responsible for paying back large sums of money (hello student loans). So, it begs the question, how are students and new grads supposed to focus on money management while simultaneously focusing on either graduating or finding a job?

Luckily Quad-Fi has rounded up some of the top personal finance podcasts to help you begin better managing your finances. So, whether you’re a finance beginner and want to learn how to create a budget plan or you’re a recent graduate and want to achieve financial freedom – these 4 personal finance podcasts will help you do just that and more!


So Money (best for finance beginners)

If you’re looking for a podcast with a strong, female financial expert then So Money is perfect for you. Hosted by author and entrepreneur, Farnoosh Torabi, this podcast is best for finance beginners who want to learn more about money management. Torabi covers topics ranging from budgeting, saving, investing, debt and other basic models surrounding personal finance to help you gain control of your finances.


The Dave Ramsay Show (best for getting out of debt)

Hosted by radio personality and finance expert, Dave Ramsay, The Dave Ramsay Show covers topics that are of great interest to students and millennials in general. Whether it’s planning for retirement, paying off student loans, credit cards or any other debt you may have; Dave Ramsay offers concrete advice on how to systematically eliminate debt and can help you work towards creating an action plan for getting ahead financially. 


The College Investor (best for students and recent grads)

As I’m sure you can tell by the title, The College Investor is perfect for students and new graduates as it tackles the most persistent concerns in the lives of post-secondary students. The podcast discusses strategies for repaying student loans, drafting your first budget plan, understanding the job market, landing a job and of course, how to begin investing as a beginner. 


The Mad Fientist (best for achieving financial independence)

This podcast discusses topics that revolve around saving and planning for retirement early, but they also include conversations surrounding how to find happiness as you pursue your financial goals. The Mad Fientist is perfect for those who are interested in unlocking their earning potential and learning about the benefits of abandoning outdated conceptualizations about retirement and financial independence.

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