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What’s your New Year Resolution?

New Year is just around the corner and with it comes new resolutions and promises. This tradition can be personal or social; it can be about finding a better job, buying a new car or going to gym, or be about more environmentally conscious decisions or involvement in politics. We picked our top New Year…

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Tips for negotiating your salary

Starting a new job or a new career is very exciting. It’s opening the door to new possibilities, meeting new people, perhaps traveling to a new city, having a less stressful and more prestigious job, and above all, having a well paying job. Salary negotiations are not easy but they are the most crucial part…

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Highest-earning regions in Canada

Living in an area that has well paying jobs can be a dream of many people. You can save, buy a house, do your 401 case, help your children with school and plan for your retirement. Many spend years trying to figure that out and find the best place to live with their families.  With…

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