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5th Annual Canadian FinTech & AI Awards 2019

We are very excited to announce that QuadFi was nominated for the Fifth Annual Canadian Fintech and AI award in 2019. This event is the biggest award show of its kind in Canada and we were the only company to be shortlisted in three separate categories: “Best Fintech startup of the year”, “Best AI startup…

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Alberta cuts Student funding

Inline with what happened in Ontario with OSAP last summer, Alberta post-secondary institutions learned provincial grants will be slashed by up to 7.9 per cent this year alone with further cuts planned for next year. In addition, the 5 years freeze on tuition fees will also be lifted, making it a lot harder for students…

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5 things to consider before you fly to another country

You have finally bought the tickets and are ready to go for your tip. Kids are happily waiting and your significant other is very excited. But wait! Have you done your checklist to see if your trip is a good idea in the first place? There are many things you should do before boarding the…

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4 things to consider before booking a holiday flight

With holidays approaching and temperatures dropping below zero degree, it is time to think about that relaxing vocation you always wanted to take. Where do you want to go? Ibiza for a party? Peru for site seeing or perhaps North Africa to escape the cold? Wherever you decide to go, you will need to book…

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Is it always smart to upgrade to a new phone?

There are so many new smartphones in the market that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all of them. Some offer much faster operating systems, some better cameras and some better screen. Your old phone is also very slow and needs a few time charging a day in order to function, so isn’t this the…

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