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Top 5 things to do this September in the City

The weekend is nearly upon us and if the weather is any indication, this may be one of the last few weekends where you can go out with a T-shirt, swim, BBQ and have fun with your friends without having to wear 4 layers of clothes! There are hundreds of events currently planned for this…

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Why are colleges so expensive?

Have you ever wondered why universities in Canada are so expensive? Many Canadian families start saving for their children’s higher education from the moment they are born until they are 18 years old. This unprecedented difficulty in financing one’s education at the university raises an important question: why are colleges so expensive and where does…

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The Return on Investment in Higher Education

In yesterday’s article we evaluated the benefits of higher education in an individual’s life. Today we will look into the ROI (Return on Investment) from the post-secondary education. Are university really giving back what they take from students when they are at school? Investing in Higher education pays off over time. There have been numerous…

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Is Higher Education worth it?

Higher education has always been the subject of intense debate between those who advocate for it and those who question its benefits. Although in recent decades and with rapid advances in technology, the debate has largely been in favor of the former group, we want to examine the argument that education is worth the time…

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How to choose the right course at University

Congratulations for starting your school year. Everything looks amazing except for the course selection, isn’t that right? This is a hassle and an issue that almost all students wrestle with when they start a new year. At QuadFi we gathered 4 of the best recommendations we received when we were at school and want to…

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How to recover from bad credit?

Maintaining a good credit score is not easy. We all have faced situations in our lifetime when our spending and earnings didn’t meet in the middle and which, in many cases, led to us spending more than we could afford. The consequences of such unfortunate events can be very far reaching and damaging to us…

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