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Why should you apply for refinancing?

Student debt is an issue for many people across Canada. There is no denying that fact. If you are carrying your debt from school years, you know that it impacts you financially and emotionally. It is not an easy issue to tackle and unfortunately, it impacts the people around you as well. How often have…

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Focus on Education

This sad news is a clear indication of the depth of this crisis in Canada. Students need to focus only on their education; we strongly believe in that notion. It is for this very reason we created our student loan product. This loan is a helping hand to current university students who are struggling with…

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Student Debt

Student Debt is changing families and societies in Canada and is turning to a national security issue. Hundreds of thousands of people have to pay their loans plus interest years after graduating from university. We at QuadFi fully understand this crisis and offer solutions to those who seek it. Visit our Refinancing page to learn…

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